Electric scooter eccity model3 The 3-wheel electric scooter
stability & traction

Michelin CityGrip tires, low center of gravity and excellent steering angle.
Driving becomes child's play !

Ergonomics & innovation

An ergonomic instrument panel with a real-time display of consumption and battery life.

electric scooter eccity

The eccity model3 offers maximum handling and stability to achieve the best possible safety.


Enjoy GPS, battery information, and personal space. Make your own driving statistics !

Electric scooter eccity nice

Unique, modern, elegant

The original scooter

The eccity model3 is a quality scooter, with a beautiful plastic finish, with a modern digital dashboard and an excellent cycle part. Its design gives it its own identity with original curves, indicators integrated into the body, and retractable footrests. Its look combines the elegance of the Italian scooter with a flat floor and modernism with its unique front end.

Electric scooter eccity nice

Comfortable and manageable

Drive pleasantly

Its 13-inch wheels ensure maneuverability for maneuvers and comfort even at high speed. Its dimensions, its low weight, its handlebars and its narrow mirrors, allow the pilot to sneak and extract with ease from congested urban areas.

The eccity model3 has a reverse that enhances its maneuverability.

Electric scooter eccity tableau de bord

BMS system

Security is important

The battery packs are equipped as standard with a BMS (Battery Management System) designed by French experts, which ensures the safety and balance of each cell pack and thus guarantees its longevity.

The BMS is connected to the dashboard of the scooter to accurately display the remaining battery life and a visual LED diagnostic of the proper operation of the battery.

Electric scooter intérieur


Recharge where you want

The charger of the eccity model3 allows to recharge the battery in 3 hours for 90% of charge on a conventional household outlet of 230V.

The eccity model3 can thus be recharged in its garage or on public road terminals safely without risk of theft or disconnection of the charger.

Advanced features

More details
Required license

The required license for eccity model3 is A1, A2 or B license


Consisting of two motors of 5000W, the eccity model3 has a power of 10 000W with a peak power of 14 000W

Top speed

The maximum speed of eccity model3 is 110 km/h (68 mp/h)

Battery management

The balancing and protection of the cells in charge and discharge are integrated in the battery pack


The autonomy of eccity model3 is 100km (62 miles)


The battery has a maximum voltage of 74 Volts with a capacity of 86 Ah lithium-ion with a power of 6 kWh


The 74V / 20A charger is connected to 230 V mains

Chargin time

Charge time is 3 to 9 hours depending on the charger for 90% of the full charge


The emissions of the electric scooter are zero Co2, zero NOx and zero fine particle


The front/rear brake system (CBS) is combined 3 discs diameter 220mm

Original tires

The original tires are Michelin 'City Grip' 13 inches


The weight of the scooter is 190 kg


The dimensions of the eccity model3 are 200 x 72 x 123 cm


This scooter is approved to carry 2 people


Available colors are white, intense black and champagne


The eccity model3 is from 10990€ (Contact us for local price)

Monthly rent

Available only in France


The scooter is of category L3e (category 125)

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eccity model3

eccity model3

The 3-wheel electric scooter, stability & traction
eccity model3

eccity model3

The 3-wheel electric scooter, stability & traction
eccity model3

eccity model3

The 3-wheel electric scooter, stability & traction