eccity cargo3

Your best partner for eco-mobility solutions

Operate safely

With eccity cargo3, save time and ease your interventions and professional deliveries while preserving the environment.

Eligible for the French green tax rebate

From €210 per month in long-term lease with eccityLease or €13,452 in direct purchase, recommended price inc. VAT before deduction of the environmental bonus of €900.

Up to


Puissance maximale

Up to



Up to


Top speed


Full charge (230V charger)

Three wheels for maximal stability

The strong extensive platform of the eccity cargo3 was designed in-house and is positioned low for easy loading. The eccity cargo3 allows to transport astonishing volumes, while preserving the behavior of the vehicle and the manoeuvrability of the vehicle.

Loaded charge up to kg 150

The strength of the eccity cargo3 allows you to transport heavy loads for your professional missions.

Loads of 800 liters and more

The platform of the eccity cargo3 can transport high volumes safely.

Optimised design

eccity cargo3's flat footwell area allows you to jump on your scooter very easily.

Ergonomic driving position

The eccity cargo3 is comfortable, agile and very easy to drive on a daily basis.

Easy loading

The position of the eccity cargo3's rear platform has been specifically designed to allow you to load the scooter easily.

Excellent rear vision

Drive safely and benefit from the excellent rear vision of the eccity cargo3

eccity cargo3
Three colours available
Intense black

Your best ally

Unique, efficient, hard-working

Equipped with LED blinkers and efficient disc brakes, the eccity cargo3 will help you in all your daily missions. It is available in 3 colors and can be customised according to your professional needs.

Eligible for the French green tax rebate



Ease your missions

With a 100 km range, the eccity cargo3 will allow you to ensure your daily missions safely.

Icone Autonomie
The eccity cargo3 has a 100 km range

Improve your comfort of use with the anti-tilting system

The optional anti-tilting system of the eccity cargo3, prevents it from rocking while stopping, insuring an optimal stability during your missions.

Application eccity
The BMS technologie BMS, an eccity exclusive

Choose long-life batteries

The battery packs of our scooters are equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System) which was designed by French experts. This system assures the safety and equilibrium of each cell in the pack, which guarantees its longevity. The BMS is connected to the scooter's dashboard to show precisely the available range and gives a LED visual diagnostic of the battery's behavior.

Our batteries are guaranteed for 4 years

Charge when you want, where you want

The eccity cargo3 has a waterproof charger, which allows it to be charged safely outside or in your garage. You can plug it in any 230 V domestic plug.

The eccity cargo3 is charged in 3H at 90%

A connected scooter

With the eccity application installed on your smartphone (optional), let yourself be guided and watch the data about your trip, your electric consumption and the management of your range in real time.

Application eccity

Technical details

eccity cargo3

eccity cargo3

Li-ion, maximum tension 75.6 V, max capacity 6.5 kWh
3h at 90% on a 230 V domestic plug
100 km
x2 Brushless wheel-engines
Top speed
110 km/h
10,000 - 13,200 W
195 x 68 x 126 cm
Number of seats
Removable - 75.6 V / 20 A
13 inches Michelin City Grip

Eligible for the French green tax rebate

eccity cargo3

Customise your eccity cargo3

Many customisation options are available to adapt eccity cargo3 to your professional use. Let's discuss your project!

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*Example of and eccity lease offer: eccity cargo3, in L5e category (125) after a first payment of €1,480,00 VAT included, 35 monthly payments of €194.00 VAT included, excluding options or accessories, excluding maintenance, insurance and assistance (optional), subject to approval.
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