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Are you in search of a solution to power a ground, water or air-based electric machine? Are you considering the development of a specific mechanical or electric function in an already existing architecture?

The eccity engineering studio is dedicated to all your electrification project. We have cross-fields skills in electrical and mechanical engineering to design, compose and achieve the tailor-made solution that will fulfill all your needs.

The eccity engineering studio masters the European certifications for electric vehicles and also assists you until the launch of your vehicle.

From prototyping to industrialisation, the eccity engineering studio carries out your projects to bring them expertise and innovation.

The eccity engineering studio has a range of batteries consisting in 48V or 72V, 1.5kWh, 5kWh and 6kWh, a range of performing controllers programmed from 6 to 10kW and efficient engines from 2 to 10kW, of its eccity powertrain to quicken your time to market.

The succes of our EU-certified 2 and 3-wheel scooter line-up in categories 50 and 125 homologués Europe, attests our know-how.

Expert in electric propulsion of ground vehicles

The eccity powertrain

Thanks to our cross-field skills, to our pre-developed technological modules that power our "eccity power train", our knowledge of the market and the provision of our patents, the eccity engineering studio has reliable technologies to dimension the battery/controller/engine/charger system to your needs, optimsed and easy to install.

The eccity powertrain est is certified in Europe, optimised and simple to install on any ground vehicle. Consistent, powerful and efficient, it adapts itself to the needs of electric vehicles of 50 and 125cc equivalent power.

Thanks to its patented battery technology, the eccity powertrain 125 is unique and allows the vehicle to go up to a top speed of 120 km/hand to benefit from a 100km range in urban trip.

The robustness of this power train has been proven since 2014 on the eccity scooters and guarantees reliability for its users in the long run.

The battery technology is a resourceful, efficient and patented system of passive management of the battery cell pack to optimise the gauging and costs of the vehicle. The urban scooters eccity board up to 6kWh d’of energy in a very small volume, with no additional electronic cost.

The inclination system of the eccity model3 with its 2 roues rear wheel-engines is also patented: it provides the vehicle with safety and stability even at a speed of 120 km/h.

eccity motocycles makes its eccity powertrain available to new builders, under licences including the right to use the technology and the patents for the battery and the 3-wheel system.

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100% electric scooters with zero emission, designed and made in France.


eccity motocycles designs, builds and sells 100% electric scooters in the 50 and 125cc categories.

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