Committed French creator of electric scooters

Since 2011 eccity motocycles is a French pioneer in the conception and production of reliable, performing and exciting electric scooters.

Our electric scooters are designed and built to last by passionate engineers. They support the sustainable development of the territories and a sustainable energetic transition. We favor short circuits and European manufacturing partners. Every vehicle is assembled individually according to a strict industrial process and a strict quality control in our workshops in Grasse in the South of France.

Behind innovation, the technology and the industrial project, eccity is a team of women and men committed to build a better world, 100% customer-centric, who believe that tomorrow's mobility can be virtuous and made in France.

Since the beginning eccity promotes a new carbon-free and innovative transportation: exciting and clean vehicles made in France, comfortable, agile and silent.

Sustainable and eco-responsible vehicles
Conception and assembly in France
Innovative technologies

Let's build together the future of electric mobility.

Clean scooters

The electric vehicle is presented as clean because it does not emit any polluting particles when using it (« from tank to wheel »). This cleanness is not necessarily the same for electric power that fills the battery. This is why we also calculate the CO2 emissions ("from well to wheel") by measuring the electric power stations. It differs a lot from one country to another. In France, the carbon print is very light due to the massive usage of nuclear plants but also because of the country's compliance with the international agreements (Kyoto etc...), policies and sequestration techniques of greenhouse gas at its source but also the constant augmentation of the share of renewable energy.

A better carbon balance than petrol engines

Thus, the eccity has a carbon balance that is well inferior to a petrol equivalent, especially for its use, even if one takes into account the production of the battery, which is very small for a scooter.

The use of electric power is economic and brings a better yield (no belt, no cogs, no loss of heat, native start&stop system: it does not consume anything at the red light).

The energetic gain in use brings a 10x advantage to the eccity125. The maintenance cost is limited to tyres and brake pads.

Reducing the environmental impact

It is also called « clean » because it does use any oil, any polluting, smelly and dirty gasoline. It does not cause any noise pollution. eccity motocycles vocation is to commit itself to the respect of European directives promoting clean road transportation and low energy consumption (2009/33/CE). This commitment goes beyond the use and charge: it deals also with concrete actions and a permanent search with our partners to reduce the environmental impact related to our production.

Our scooters are made in France, more especially in the South of France. We support employment in France and develop an expert line on this topic.

A sustainable vehicle

From an economic point of view, the purchase of an electric scooter has a good return on investment compared with a petrol scooter:

Actually, because of the longevity of its battery (minimum 50,000 km - the battery then keeps 70% of its capacity) and of the reliability of its electric parts, the residual value of an electric scooter remains superior in time, with a lower cost of use.

The eccity is odourless. It has no tailpipe, no gas or oil leaks, it does not emit polluting gas or particles.

The energy balance from « well to pump » is unquestionable because electric scooters' carbon balance is several times inferior to any equivalent petrol scooter (140g to 210g of CO2 emission for a thermic compared to 2g to 8g for an electric scooter).

The founder

Christophe Cornillon

An alumni from Centrale Marseille and Gestion des entreprises IAE, Christophe is an engineer who has always ridden motorcycles: bicycle, moped, moto, scooter.

Christophe started his career withthe global leader in chip cards: Gemplus. He became a co-founder at Innova Card in 2002. He registered several patents and joined Schneider Electric in 2006, where he managed the industrial robots division for 4 years.

With 20 years of experience, passionate about technology and receptive to the environmental issues, Christophe founded eccity motocycles in 2011 to mix his passion for motorcycles, for technology and respect of the environment.

Christophe Cornillon

Find the perfect clean scooter

Many models, one philosophy

Our eccity line up

Green and durable scooters designed and assembled in France.
eccity model3
3 wheels for unparalleled stability and motricity.
Top speed of 120 km/h, eligible for the €900 environmental bonus
eccity model3
From €176/month*
After deduction of the environmental bonus
The turbocharged 50 scooter. No emission.
120 km range, eligible for the €900 environmental bonus
From €96/month*
After deduction of the environmental bonus
The accessible and versatile 125cc scooter
Up to 100 km/h, eligible for the environmental bonus of €900
From €106/month*
After deduction of the environmental bonus
Performance and elegance for all your daily trips
Up to 120 km/h, eligible for the environmental bonus of €900
From €126/month*
After deduction of the environmental bonus

Our cargo scooters

Electric scooters designed for the professionals.
eccity cargo3
3 wheels for unparalleled stability and motricity.
Top speed of 110 km/h, eligible for the €900 environmental bonus
eccity cargo3
From €194/month*
Recommended price inc. VAT, before deduction of the environmental bonus.
*Example of an eccity lease offer: eccity50+, in L1e category (50) after a first payment of €680.00 VAT included, 35 monthly payments of €96.00 VAT included, excluding options and accessories, excluding maintenance, insurance and assistance (optional), subject to approval.
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100% electric scooters with zero emission, designed and made in France.


eccity motocycles designs, builds and sells 100% electric scooters in the 50 and 125cc categories.

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