Chic and sporty

Agile and fast, the eccity125+ feels at home in all situations thanks to its top speed of 120 km/h!

From €126 per month in leasing with eccityLease or €8,700 in direct purchase, recommended price inc. VAT before deduction of the environmental bonus of €900.

Up to


Maximum power

Up to


Range WMTC Euro 4

Up to


Top speed


Charge (optional fast 230 V charger)

High performances, zero emission.

Three colours available
Intense black

New 2021 edition

A brand new front design avant, and many new features

The eccity125+ has now a brand new front shield with a rounded LED front light. This new edition also offers many new features, including a brand new dashboard - fully connected and digital - an improved front fork, a bare handlebar and a new command.

Eligible for the French green tax rebate

New dahsboard

100% digital, 100% connected

The eccity125+ has now a brand new dashboard. It will give you all the useful information and data for the management of your battery along your trips.

Fast and turbocharged

With a high engine power of 8,000 to 12,000 W and a max battery tension of 74 V, the eccity125+ will bring you great sensations every day with its unique performance.

Icone puissance
The electric engine of the eccity125+ can go up to 120 km/h.

Designed to last

Assembled from robust and high standard components in our workshop in Grasse, the eccity125+ was designed to be with you for a very long time and to bring you optimal performance.

Safety and fast tracks

The eccity125+ brings safety on the road thanks to its speedy acceleration. It drives easily on fast roads and allows to overtake in all circumstances.

Icone Autonomie
The eccity125+ has a reverse gear for a better handling in city centres and to make it easy to drive for all.


Wide-open spaces are yours

With a 109 km range, the eccity125+ is the ideal asset for all your weekend escapes and daily commutes.

Icone Autonomie
The eccity125+ has a 109 km range
The BMS technology

Long-life batteries for a sustainable vehicle

All our batteries are equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System). This system, designed by our French experts,brings safety and balance to every cell in the pack, guaranteeing its longevity. The dashboard of your eccity125+ is connected to the BMS to show the remaining range and give you a visual diagnosis of the proper functioning of your battery.

Our batteries are guaranteed for 4 years

Easy to charge

The eccity125+ has a waterproof charger, which allows to safely charge in your garage or on any charging station. You can plug it on any domestic 230 V plug!

The eccity125+ can be charged in 3 to 4h with its 230 V optional charger

A connected scooter

With the eccity application installed on your smartphone, let yourself be guided and watch the data about your trip, your consumption and the management of your autonomy in real time.

Application eccity

Technical details



Li-ion, max tension 74 V, max capacity 5.4 kWh
3 to 4h with the optional 230 V charger, 8 to 9h with the included charger
109 km
Brushless wheel-engine
Top speed
120 km/h
8,000 - 12,000 W
200 x 72 x 123 cm
Number of seats
151.5 kg
Integrated - 74 V / 6.5 A
13 inches Michelin City Grip

Eligible for the French green tax rebate


Configure your eccity125+

Many customisation options are available. Configure the eccity125+ according to your taste and order it directly online.

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*Example of an eccity lease offer: eccity125+, in L5e category (125) after a first payment of €980.00€ VAT included, 35 monthly payments of €139.00 VAT included, excluding options, accessories, excluding maintenance, insurance, assistance (optional), subject to approval.
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