eccity for pros

The electric scooter for professionals
eccity PRO

The eccity PRO

For urban professionals.

The eccity Pro range is the offer designed for professionals carrying equipment and making many journeys to reach their customers.

The 2 wheels is the ideal means of transport to get to the various appointments without being bothered by the traffic or looking for parking space.

- Platinum adapted to any type of box
- Maximum load of 70kg
- Embedded charger on 230V standard plug & PRO + option with on-board quick charger

eccity POLICE

The eccity POLICE

Thought for the intervention of the police and security agents.

Designed for the intervention of the police and security agents while enhancing their image.

- Silkscreen "Municipal Police"
- Blue LED lights in the front
- Rotating gyroled on the back
- Mermaid Motorcycle Tone Police

eccity DOG

The eccity DOG

For communities wishing to combine cleanliness and respect.

Specially designed for communities wishing to assert their desire to combine cleanliness and respect for the environment. "The silent cleanliness, 200% electric made in France"

This version of eccity is equipped with a technology adapted to economical urban cleaning :
- Single battery (scooter, vacuum cleaner, sprayer)
- Juice tank capacity: 18 l
- Product tank capacity: 10 l
- Suction at 2200mm CE in Ø50mm pipe
- Turbine protection filter & gravitational emptying