From feasibility to demonstrator

Our integrated eccity design office is composed of engineers, technicians and operators who study all the electrification projects you submit to it: 2 wheels, 3 wheels, snowmobiles, scooters, bicycles, pedal boats ...

The BE eccity supports your projects to bring them expertise and innovation: it supports its customers from upstream studies to the industrialization of the solution through prototyping and pre-series phases.

You wish to motorize a terrestrial or maritime electric machine or you wish to develop a particular mechanical or electrical function or in an existing architecture?

Specialist in the design of electric vehicles, the Eccity Design Office designs, builds and realizes the solution that exactly meets your needs, from prototyping to marketing.

Battery eccity

Expert electric propulsion land vehicles: eccity Power Train

Thanks to our transversal competences, to our pre-developed technological modules which compose our own eccity power train, our knowledge of the market and making available our patents, the eccity design office has reliable technologies to size the battery / controller / system. motor / charger adapted to your needs, optimized and easy to install.

The Eccity Design Office can thus offer you a range of 48V or 72V batteries, 1.5kWh, 5kWh and 6kWh, a range of powerful and programmed controllers from 6 to 10kW and efficient motors from 2 to 10kW.

The BE eccity also has expertise in mechanical engineering and can develop custom mechanical solutions to integrate our electrification into your vehicle.

The BE eccity masters the approvals European electric vehicles and can accompany you until the homologation of your vehicle.

Charger eccity

Achievements ?

Equipped with the latest lithium-ion technology, the onboard 5KWh battery in electrical energy allows the eccity to reach a real range of 100km.

Battery eccity